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Movie Bark S2 E7: "Movie Bark Gets Bookish"

April 02, 2020 James Christopher Season 2 Episode 7
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Movie Bark S2 E7: "Movie Bark Gets Bookish"
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This week, we get a little reading done.

0:03:49:  Daniel Cano joins us to talk some of his favorite book recommendations. They include:
Stephen King:
- It
- The Stand
Emily St. John Mandell
- Station Eleven
Chuck Wendig
- Wanderers
Brandon Sanderson
- The Way of Kings
Robin Sloan
- Mr. Penubra's 24 Hour Book Store
Ian Doescher
- William Shakespeare's Star Wars
Carlos Ruiz Zafon
- The Shadow of the Wind

0:28:29: Carlo and I binged some movies based on books and put together lists of books that don't measure up to their cinematic counterpart.

0:51:39 Jason Tostevin joins us to talk about his short, Born Again, being the New York Times pick of the day! He also leaves some suggestions of books we should dive into.

Paul Tremblay
- Head Full of Ghosts
- Disappearance at Devil's Rock
Nathan Ballingrud
- North American Lake Monsters
- Wounds: Six Stories from the Border of Hell
Peter Straub
- Ghost Story

Daniel Cano on Books
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Jason Tostevin